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Recent world-wide events demand that schools continue to evolve their safety and security programs. Covert Investigations specializes in assisting school districts with the development of first-class Security departments, plans and programs.

Our integrated and comprehensive approach goes way beyond hiring security guards and telling them where to stand. We take labor issues, OSHA requirements, potential grievances and negotiations regarding work rules and conditions into account. We know the pitfalls of video surveillance initiatives and how to avoid issues of liability and improper training.

Our years of law enforcement experience means that we can recognize and recommend the best security talent available for your team. Our knowledge helps you avoid the potential for embarrassment and liability.

Security Management offerings include but are not limited to:
• Establishment of minimum Security Guard employment qualifications
• Security Guard hiring process guidelines
• Protocols and training materials for Security Dispatch Office
• Development of security incident reports and reporting system
• Suggestions and guidelines for a District’s mobile Patrol Guards
• Creation of Security Guard schedules that maximize security resources and minimize cost
• Assistance in the development and implementation of Emergency Management/Crisis Management plans
• Coordination with local first responders
• Video surveillance initiative guidelines
• Assistance in recruiting Security Department personnel including “Security Director” contractors

We are New York State Certified Security Guard Instructors and also possess enhanced credentials for Security Guard Training. Our certification and credentials were received from the NYS Department of Homeland Security. We can work with you to establish the guidelines and prepare the necessary forms to ensure your compliance with the New York State Security Guard program.

Covert Investigations also provides security guard teams for school districts. All of our security guards are retired New York City Police department officers with 20 or more years of service.

Areas of specialization include:
• Law Enforcement (Narcotics, Anti-terrorism)
• Emergency Management
• Private Security
• Fire Service